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We studied the evolution of consumer buying shift from Natural products to Adulterated replacements . Our understanding is that over the last decade , there is a lot of medical studies and research done on the stability of Human Wellness, which was worryingly compromised over lot of other fantasies . The serious learning is that most of the degenerative illness which prevails across the globe more than the present pandemic scenario is really a big threat and strong warning to humans . These have really a big connection to the consumer consumption pattern which has collapsed over many years .

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Even after 5 years our each and every customer and still rely on our services and contributions. We become the reputed authorized manufacturer of inverters and UPS. Thereafter we concentrated on the materialization of innovative projects regarding the so-called "Future energy resources - Solar Energy".

We have new became on among the major and known quantity maintained manufactures and dealers of South India. Over to all we made tie-ups with adequate internationally known companies, to maintain and increase quality, for our solar grid products.

  • Solar Panels
  • DC-AC Grid-Tied Solar Inverter
  • Protection Devices & Soalr Cables
  • Solar Panel Mounting System
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United Solar Energy

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We leverage our strong relationships with partners in utility, equipment, EPC, O&M and financing, as well as experienced and reputable consultants and advisors.
Our objective is to generate clean solar electrici- ty, focussing on the most secure portion of the solar PV value
chain: power plant development, financing, construction and asset management.

United Solar Energy
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